Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sad days on the Homestead!

Ok, Anyone who knows me knows I would love to live in the middle of no where and have a farm. Since, that has not happened I make due. I plant my garden every year and I have chickens. My chickens are like my pride and joy! I have Buff Orpingtons! They are just so darn cute! Anywho, Everyone knows how crazy our weather has been! Like nuts! So, a couple of chickens ended up with a type of chicken pneumonia! EEEKKK! I lost 2 hens and a rooster. Then, yesterday low and behold another down! So now I have lost a total of 3 hens and a rooster! I am praying that the sickness has been contained and no more of my sweets get sick! Here is a pic of my sweet ones!

Also, I am finishing up my free Clean Eating Challenge and will be starting another challenge called 21 Days to Awesome! If you are ready to start eating good and exercising you should join us on this challenge! Just email me at for more details! Till next time have a blessed day!

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