Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things to Make With Your Homemade Yarn!

Well, I hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday! Here are two of the things I have made with my Homemade yarn. One is a bracelet. How I made it was did a basic single stitch and made two to three rows depending on how thick you want your bracelet. I then tied some thin leather on one end in a loop. On the other end I sewed a big button. Make sure you loop is big enough for your button but not two big that it comes out too easily.

Next, I made a pot holder. I used the same principal as the bracelet. I just added more rows. I kept adding till the pot holder was as big as I wanted it. I didn't have a good picture of the pot holder. The picture wasn't very clear. There are other things you can make with your yarn. These are just the two that I have done. If you do not know how to crochet look it up on youtube! They have some really good videos to help you learn or refresh your memory! I hope you like these ideas! Remember Christmas is just around the corner! Till next time hope you have a blessed day!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Homemade Yarn Using Old T-Shirts

It seems like ages since I last posted! I have done a lot of canning and sewing. Will post more about those in the days to come. I wanted to share how to make yarn using an old t-shirt.
First, find an old t-shirt.

Next, you are going to cut the bottom hem of the t-shirt. You don't need this. 

Now, you are going to cut 1/2 inch all the way around. It does not have to be exact just try to keep as close as you can. Keep cutting until you get to where the arms are. 

Now, you are going to stretch the fabric and start rolling into a yarn ball.

And Voila' you now have yarn! I will post some crafts to make with your new yarn in upcoming days! Hope you enjoy! Till next time have a blessed day!