Monday, November 28, 2011

Candy Cane Cocoa. Yummy!

My post today is about one of the Christmas gifts I made. I made some homemade candy cane cocoa mix. I found the recipe from an e-book that I purchased from here:

The e-book that I got this recipe from was the Holiday Mixes & Gifts in a Jar one. It also has other great recipes in there some to keep and some to give away. The e-books are also very affordable only $4 a book!
Okay on with the cocoa making. So I made the cocoa and placed half of it in a ziplock bag. (It made two bags full!) 

Next I put the ziplock in this really cool little net bag I found at the Dollar Store 2 for $1 can't beat that. 

I then typed up the name of the cocoa and how to make it.

I then put the cocoa mix with the instructions in a cute peppermint coffee mug I found at the Dollar Store for $1. And stuck a candy cane in there just to decorate it up! How cute is that!

And voila' a Christmas gift for around $2! Hope you enjoyed this quick gift tip. Till next time enjoy the rest of your day and God Bless!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Autumn Wreath

I made this wreath for autumn to hang on my door. I love it and it was super, super, easy!

First, I bought a styrofoam wreath at my local craft store. I then bought these glass stones from the craft store as well. They are pictured below. I should have gotten two bags because I ran out and had to go back.
This is a picture of what I had left from the second bag. 
I painted the styrofoam wreath a brown color so what did not get covered would not show. I then started hot gluing the stones all over the wreath. By the way be careful the glue can get hot! After I finished gluing the stones on I made a ribbon for the front and  volia'! 
Hope you enjoy till next time enjoy your day and God Bless!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today is a special day!

Today my husband and I have been married 17 years! It is so hard to believe. I am also waiting on my order of elderberries to come in to make elderberry syrup for the upcoming cold and flu season. As soon as I get them in I will post a tutorial on how to make this simple syrup to help you during the cold and flu season! I will also post some simple christmas presents I just made that are great and useful! Till then enjoy your day and God Bless! ;)

My First Post

I can not believe I have actually done it. I have created a blog. I hope to write about things like whole foods, DIY things, herbs, and simple living. I hope you will enjoy the blog! I can not wait to hear your comments and ideas as time goes by.