Saturday, February 11, 2012

Homemade Fire Starters

I hope everyone is having a great February! I wanted to show you what I did today, besides washing, drying, folding clothes and cleaning house! I made homemade fire starters. What I did was got some cardboard egg cartons. Then I started saving all my dryer lint. Yes, you read it right dryer lint. Just pack the lint tight in the egg cartons. (The only lint I don't use is the lint from my son's work clothes. He works as a mechanic. So sometimes he has gas and oil on his clothes. Not good for making fire starters.)

Once you have your lint packed into your egg cartons, you need to add wax. You can use paraffin wax that you can get at your local grocery store or you can use old candles that you don't use any more. Just melt the waxes.

I used a mixture of both the paraffin wax and some old candles. Once your wax is melted you can use the pan to pour the melted wax or use a pyrex measuring cup to pour the wax over the lint.

After you have poured wax all over the lint and coated it. Let it dry for 12 to 24 hours. Then cut them as big or little as you want them. Use them just as you would fire starters. 

And volia' homemade fire starters! Hope you enjoy! Till next time have a great day!

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