Sunday, January 15, 2012

Homemade Plantain Salve

I hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday! I was looking through some of my pictures and found pictures of when I made Plantain Salve. This salve is great. You can use it like you use triple antibiotic ointment. The only difference is this is all natural and better for you! The things you will need are plantain (organic is best! I purchased mine at Bulk Herb Store.), beeswax, tins or jars to put your salve in, and olive oil.

The first thing I did was to infuse the olive oil with the herbs. The way you do this is to pack the plantain herb into a quart sized canning jar. You do this till the jar is three-quarters full with packed plantain herb.

Next, you need to pour olive oil over the plantain until they are completely covered leaving just about an inch of head space at the very top. then seal with a lid and ring.

Here is where you are going to use your crock pot. Place a towel or wash cloth in the bottom of your crock pot. Set the jar of oiled herbs on top and fill the crock pot almost completely with water. Turn the crock pot on low heat and leave the herbs there for three whole days. I replaced water as needed.

After three days you have an herbal-infused oil. Please forgive me I forgot to take pictures for the next part.
:( Sorry!

Now, you are going to stain off the the herbs using a cheesecloth and pour the oil into a clean container. I used the same method making the elderberry syrup.

Then, place the herbal oil into a large pan and add three ounces of beeswax. You are going to stir till the wax is melted into the herbal oil.
(For added benefits you can add 2 to 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract and 2 to 3 drops of vitamin E oil. They both act as a natural preservative. The grapefruit seed extract is also a natural antibiotic and the vitamin E oil softens and moisturizes the skin.)

Last, when everything is melted, you are going to pour your salve into tins or jars to cool. Remember the oil should be smooth and have no lumps. Fill the containers to the sop and allow the salve to set or cool. Be very carful the containers will be very hot. Once the cool you now have your very own plantain herbal salve! This is great for cuts, bruises, burns, etc. Hope you enjoy till next time have a blessed day!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor! I am posting only from my experience. As always consult your doctor before taking anything new! :)

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