Saturday, October 10, 2015

Canning Bacon

Hello from the homestead! I have been looking up new things to preserve by canning and dehydrate. I ran across several people canning bacon. Yes, you heard me right....BACON!!! I thought this was crazy when my oldest son told me about it. So, I did my research. You can can raw bacon to store. Huh! Learn something new everyday!! Well, I gave it a try and I have to say not too bad. Now, let me walk you through the process. But, first the wonderful disclosure! "By following the process of canning bacon You, the reader take all responsiblitly for your family and yourself. This blog is for entertainment only and The S Homestead takes no responsibility for misuse of information or sickness incurred." Okay now, for the cool part! lol! First you need to buy bacon. I bought 2.5 pounds and this made 2 quart jars. You can get 1 or a little over 1 pound in each quart jar. Also, you want to use wide-mouth quart jars because it is a lot easier.

Next, you want to get a large piece of parchment paper and lay 1 or a little over 1 pound of bacon on the paper leaving about an inch of paper on each side.

Next, you will take another piece of paper cut in half and lay it on top of the bacon. (I did this the first time I canned it. Now, I just fold the extra paper at the top over the bacon. Parchment paper be high!!! ;)' ) Now, fold the bacon in half. Then start rolling it as tight as you can.

You will then put the bacon in a sterilized quart jar. You might have to twist it in to get it in. Then, you will put a hot sterilized lid and ring on the jar. You will pressure can this for 90 minutes on 10 lbs. pressure. 

When you open the can you can use the grease to fry eggs and you still want to cook the bacon when you get it out. Plus, I like mine really crispy! ;) So, there you have it Voila' Canned Bacon!! Till next time!

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