Monday, March 23, 2015

New Headbands and New Workouts!!

So, I ordered this cool looking headbands from Hippie Runner and they came in today! YEAH! They are so stinking cute! I think my favorite one has to be the Autism Awareness one. That is something that is near and dear to my heart. My nephew is Autistic and I have a cousin who is too. They are both so amazing! Anywho, here is the pic of my new headbands
I told you they were cute! Hehehe! I also did a new workout today. I had gotten the 21 Day Fix Extreme in and just thought I would try one of the workouts. Boy Howdy! They will get you sweating! Extreme is definitely right!
But, I am proud to say I made it through!! Yawhooo!!! My Clean Eating Challenge also started today. Good Luck to all the challengers! Don't worry I know y'all got this! We are just 40 likes away from the Shakeology Pack giveaway. So, if you have not went and liked my page please do so. Once we hit those 100 like I will video the drawing. Then one lucky person will receive the Shakeology Pack with 6 packets, one of each flavor. Whoop! Whoop! Well till next time, hope everyone has a blessed day!

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